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6 Basic points to be considered while Building Website for start up business

Every startup company has to have an attractive website to tell about their offers, services, products and contact information.
A good informative website helps in many ways, some of them are listed as under:

  1. Website helps to build brand identity
  2. A good website helps with online presence
  3. Website works as a sales person 24X7
  4. Website helps in online and direct marketing
  5. Well written content on the website helps in SEO and increase in sale

So, to build a website the following components are essential. In this article we will try to brief the importance and the precautions to be taken while building first website for your company.

  1. Domain Name

    Domain name is a unique name to your website. Usually majority of people buy domain names same to their comapny name, while some people register domain name with product / service name. You can have domain name different from your company name.

    It is good practice to have product or service keyword to be in the name you choose. The Keyword help your customers know what service you provide or what business you do. So, try to have a generic name with common object with keyword associated with it.

    Ex: If you are selling Roses, then, make sure to have rose or flower in the domain name you buy.
    Redroses would be a good domain for your company.

    Our recommendation: We recommend 6DDomains to buy domains or register domain names for your company. You can search for domain names by using 6ddomains domain name search tools.

  2. Hosting Server

    Web hosting server is a repository of your website files, folders and databases. Without a hosting server or domain name, you cannot have a website. Make sure to buy hosting server that is secured, good price, fast and good support.

    Best practice: Most of the people buy servers from Hostgator, bluehost, Godaddy, 6DDomains because of their server quality and price and support but we also recommend to use 6DDomains, because it has amazing hosting offers.

  3. SSL Certificate

    SSL certificate is the security certificate that says "this website is safe to browse". SSL Certificate was earlier recommend only for e-commerce websites, but from 2017, Google made it compulsory in their PR value ranking list. So to be considered by google and some other search engines, it is compulsory to have SSL certificate all the informative websites and online store websites.

    Best Practice: We highly recommend and suggest you to buy SSL certificate for your website. Either you can buy directly for comodo website or from 6Ddomains as they are offering certificates at very cheap price.

    SSL certificates are issues by 3rd party certifying agencies such as Comodo Digital SSL certificates. The prices are different from different sellers.

    We recommend you to buy6DDomains offers SSL certificates because they offer these at very reasonable price.

  4. Logo

    Logo design is unique brand identity for your company. Logo can be in art format, object format, text format or combination of both text and object. Ex: "Google" is a example for text format logo, Apple is object format logo, while amazon is combination of text and object. If you observe carefully, most of the logos have 1 or 2 colors in them.

    Best practice: So try to have a simple logo design, yet easily recognizable, with minimal colors. Use your local logo design company or local graphic designers to create custom logo for your company.

    If you want to purchase logo from logo templates, then we highly recommend to buy from 6ddomains.com as they are economical, creative and have great collection.

  5. Reliable Web Designer Company

    Website design is mixture of many medias, So, technical skill, graphic skill, creative content, make a good website. And above to all, the technologies keep updating on regular basis, so website enhancement is a crucial factor to be considered.

    You must never compromised with website service quality because of price. Always look for reliable website designer company in Toronto, (If you are in Mississauga, then look for reliable Mississauga website designer company). Always look for a local web design company with good support and website maintenance package.

  6. Unique Content

    Content is an important key factor of website. Like a unique domain name, unique content makes a huge impact for a website. A good content can

    1. Briefs about your company, services, offers, quality and so on very clearly.
    2. Encourages visitors to share your website link, like your website.
    3. Help you in buzz creation.
    4. Keeps the visitors engaged on website and turn into your business customers.

    So, always look for good seo content writers. If you dont know any one, then approach your website design company to write unique content for your website.


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