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     A million searches happen every minute.

Don't you want to beat the competition? 

We have a team of experienced SEO specialists, that make your website stands out in search engines. 

Your Business Success is Our Motto.

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO Services (Search Engine Optimization) for assured business growth.

Web Vertical Domains is the best SEO agency in Toronto. For us, SEO project is a business opportunity. We know that clients will retain us only they get the result. So, every marketing goals, competition your company has, we will help you to bring top in Search Engine Result Page (SERP). You won't be disappointed - It is our assurance.

A million searches happen in search engines every minute. Most of the businesses want to have their website to be listed in the top of the search engine result page (SERP). But, they regrate that doesn't happen. It will not happen automatically. Systemic approach and well-planned SEO strategy is the only way to be listed TOP in search engines.

The result can be assured only Best SEO company (One of the Best Toronto SEO companies ) in Mississauga, like us "Web Vertical Domains". We take SEO project very seriously, We try every possible approach to bring you on top in search engines with least possible time.

At WVD, our SEO experts have a thorough knowledge of search engine algorithms and audience behavior. They always find out the GAP between your current position and Toppers and develop and an SEO strategy to reduce the gap. Based on the package you choose, they will define the hours and efforts to spend and execute plan accordingly.  

Why hire us?

  • We have a good success rate. You will be top in Search engine in -8 months
  • We don't outsource a project.
  • We maintain transparency.
  • We involve clients in SEO process so that they know what we are doing.
  • We only have white hat.
  • We have great customer care.
  • We add you in our own business directory and apps so that you get potential clients too.

Our SEO expert will study your website and find out the issues which  are blocking you from being number 1 and fix them, if you're interested in learning more about them, Please contact us We develop customized SEO strategy for every business we partner with. The deliverables below give you a glimpse at the depth of service we provide. We'll talk about the different strategies that are a part of SEO, and how they can help your business to grow and thrive among your competitors.

At WVD, our SEO services are designed specifically to drive traffic from your local business than across the globe.

We pride ourselves on our winning combination of keyword research, competitor analysis, transparent reporting, and data analysis that help increase revenue for your business.

We offer four different plans for our services, including our Basic SEO plan, Regular SEO plan, Complete SEO and Market plan. You will need to Contact us for these plans

Our SEO Management Process:

Most of you see a similar pattern for different digital agencies in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Guelph, Kitchener. We are different from others because of our systematic, rigid approach.

 Use our online tool to know about your website health.

SEO Infographic

Research before begin SEO:

We begin our process with strong research. We believe is spending a good time in sharpening the axe before cutting a big tree.

WVD search engine optimization team will through research for rich keywords and medium performing keywords of your industry and find out how much far you are, what are the attributes need to improved to reduce the gap.

Content development:

Develop the latest content that has a good number of keywords in your industry. Well-written content can impress search engine boats and visitors. Our content writers of Toronto make sure to write unique and informative content with rich keywords, and writers write content for the audience and to satisfy search engines

On page SEO:

SEO on the web page is crucial without which search engines cannot visit your website at all.

What we do

  • Number of keyphrases optimized
  • Web server analysis & reporting
  • Keyphrase research & selection
  • Predictive keyword analysis
  • Meta tags
  • Optimization of robots.txt & GoogleBot crawls
  • Creation & registrations of sitemap.xml
  • Google My Business optimization
  • Monitor competitors' search rankings on a monthly basis
  • Monitor competitors' website changes on a monthly basis
  • Monitor competitors' content and link additions on a monthly basis
  • Analyze your leads to project the # of leads competitors receive on a monthly basis
  • Predict your and your competitors' market share on a monthly basis
  • Competitor intelligence login to view competitor data
  • 200+ SMEs behind campaign driving results
  • Mobile site optimization
  • Google Analytics setup w/ conversion tracking
  • Google Analytics traffic analysis
  • Not provided analysis reporting
  • Local search optimization
  • Setup of website sitemap
  • Image optimization
  • Link reclamation
  • Creation of text navigation
  • Up to 100 web lead phone calls tracked per month
  • Up to 25 web lead phone calls transcribed per month
  • Website design analysis
  • Video and image XML sitemaps
  • Searcher experience analysis
  • Link baiting and content development
  • Website usability analysis
  • Universal SEO
  • Continual building of relationships with online bloggers and webmasters
  • Website conversion analysis implementation
  • Link redirect audit
  • Custom 404 error page setup and optimization
  • Schema HTML tags
  • Canonicalization analysis & domain unification
  • Quarterly web page freshness updates
  • Initial link analysis and disavow
  • Dedicated account representative
  • Online project management schedule
  • Ongoing quarterly keyword reporting
  • Ongoing monthly ROI, traffic, & goal reporting
  • Google data highlights
  • Canonicalization analysis
  • Ongoing quarterly competitor opportunity reports
  • Internal linking restructuring & optimization
  • Linkable content promotion
  • Header Tags Optimized
  • Duplicate content analysis
  • Social media monitoring software
  • Keyword rank checker access with weekly updates


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Content submission and link building:

Content creation, submission and link building is a very tedious process in SEO. This is an ongoing process also. our creative content writers are experts in content writing that interests and impress the audience. So our quality and unique content make your website to get more clicks and get better ranking in search engine result page.

FAQ regarding SEO

SEO is a short form of Search Engine Optimization. Among so many websites only a few are being called in the first page of the search engine when you either type website name OR keyword or key phrase of service or product you are looking for. To bring your website on the first page or TOP in search result page ( SERP ) ( Search Engine Result Page ), optimizing your website to search engines is called Search engine optimization.

SEO is important to bring more potential visitors to your website. The only way to increase traffic to a website with less investment is through optimizing your website to search engines.

Yes, It is very much cost effective in long run. Suppose if you don't optimize your website, then, you will end up paying huge amount of money in marketing and continue to pay as long as you want to marketing. The day you stop running your marketing campaigns, traffic to your website stops.

In case of search engine optimization, if showing your website in organic search engine results won't stop even though your stop your SEO campaign. So, SEO is long lasting.

Usually SEO is a slow process, it would take at least 4-6 months to start showing results. Because search engines have very smart and tricky algorithms, so to satisfy all the criteria's and beat competition is time consuming process, require huge amount of effort and expertise.

It is cost effective in compare to other marketing campaigns. SEO cost is always depends on your marketing epitite. Usually SEO cost starts from $900 / month to $4000 / month depend on the services you take, content writer you hire, and so on.

Even when you compare the other advertisement cost and its effectiveness, SEO is most effective and economical in long run.

Usually it is depend on hte compitators activity, As long as other competators are not competing for this keyword, you are going to TOP in SERP. You are going to be in the position for atleast 6 months - 2 years, if you had good SEO done by a professional SEO company. If you have a unique content, then you are going to be in Top even for 5 years.

Ask Toronto SEO companies for how they help with you in SEO? What are te keywords? Number of searches happen for the keywords, a number of articles being submitted on a monthly basis. Bargain on more content and quality of the content rather than price.

You can search in Google for Top SEO agency in Toronto, Toronto SEO near me, Best Toronto SEO service to find a good Search engine optimization company for you. We strongly recommend you to take our SEO service for better SEO Result. We recommend , anerdsworld.com,  cswebsolutions.ca, cudest.com, webverticaldomains.com, enterprisewebcloud.com

Yes. Not all, but some of Toronto digital agencies, Mississauga SEO and Marketing companies, Mississauga website designing and developing companies provide good SEO services.

In 2019 era and the kind of competition every industry has, SEO is must to have, to have your website to be top in Google, Bing and other search engine results. In today's world, for each and every things, people dependent on search engines. So, being Top in search engines is like opening a showroom at the main entrance of main business street of your niche domain.

A business on the main street always get more customers hence more business, in the same way, having your website TOP in search engines in TOP searched keywords bring in more traffic to your website hence more sales.

Usually for SEO, there are local expert SEO agencies, for example, if you are in Toronto, you will find some best SEO Toronto companies, who offer white hat SEO service. You can search in Google for Top SEO agency in Toronto, Toronto SEO near me, Best Toronto SEO service to find a good Search engine optimization company for you. We strongly recommend you to take our SEO service for better SEO Result.

You can search in Google for Top SEO agency in Toronto, Toronto SEO near me, Best Toronto SEO service to find a good Search engine optimization company for you. We strongly recommend you to take our SEO service for better SEO Result. We recommend , anerdsworld.com, cswebsolutions.ca, cudest.com, webverticaldomains.com, enterprisewebcloud.com

SEO is an ongoing process. However, we advise atleast to have SEO done for 1 year. After 1 year, we recommend not to stop SEO effort, but can reduce to half if you have gained the 1st rank in most of the rich keywords of your industry.

Yes, Search Engine optimization is an ongoing process. Because, every minute, hundreds of website being developed and optimized to search engines. After attining certain position, to be in that position, you will have to continue to put some effort constantly to be there Or lese your competators will take that position.


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