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Website design using online web builder tools:

If you decide to have a website from web builder packages offered by many online web builder tools, it saves an upfront investment because you pay somewhere between $8.00 - $40 / month. You can build a good website for your company by choosing a right web template. The major advantage is it is very much cost-effective.

The disadvantage of building a website from an online web builder tool is,

1. Code and content is not available if you want to change the server
2. You are just renting space, so you can't get content
3. Scaling the website and add additional features is almost not possible
4. Difficult to make the website SEO friendly, (they are BASIC SEO friendly)
5. You will have to spend time by leaving your own business

Building a website with the help of freelancer or contractor or part-time web designers:

Most of the freelancers are either students or people who work part-time. They are cost-effective most of the time, depends on the developer's experience and knowledge. A good web developer with enough knowledge charges high because of their quality and experience. It may cost you between $1000 - $3000.

The freelancers work on a task basis or for a set of work, so they are not available as and when you want their help for updates, fixing issues, website maintenance, website tweaking. So, though you save little money, I don't recommend it, because, a website is crucial for every business, and you should not take the risk of this.

Price alone is not the factor deciding factor to be considered. Always keep in mind that "the website is NOT service before sales, it is SERVICE AFTER SALES". So, find out the right web design company, look at their portfolio, review.

Ask these following questions to the developer company you prefer to choose.

  1. How long you are on the web design industry?
  2. How you can help us in building a custom e-commerce website?
  3. Do you have a good support team?
  4. How much do you charge for monthly maintenance?
  5. What are the sales after service you have for us?
  6. Do you provide hosting and domain name for our company?
  7. Do you help in SEO online marketing?
  8. Are you a freelancer, a part-time web designer or a company?

Always aim to have a simple yet rich content website, I know it costs you some money but it is worth investing. so, look for a web design company

1. That is rear to you and available
2. Who has a thorough knowledge and ability to provide you service and give n point of time?
3. It can help your logo design, business card design and print.
4. Can able to help you with marketing, SEO, and social media marketing
5. Advice with latest technology updates

Always consider digital agencies near you such as "Web Vertical Domains", who are creative in website design, logo, business card design and printing. Always ask digital marketing companies for social media marketing and SEO (Search Engines Marketing).


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