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8 Essential Digital Marketing Tips for startups

If you feel, that you want to manage digital marketing by yourself, then here are some essential content marketing tips.

Content marketing and SEO are combinations of creating unique content and systematic approach on the following steps.

1. Content creation:

Content is the essence of online marketing, as said Content is the king, you cannot afford to miss it. Content writing does not mean to copy others content OR through some writing, Focus on content that your audience loves to read and it should be useful to them.

So, you will have to understand your industry, audience taste and then create content in the form of image, video or article or combination of all. Your Objective must be to create content that converts.

2. Social Media:

Open an account in all social media accounts such as facebook, google plus, twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google places, youtube for videos.

Social media is not a platform that always gives you results in your favor. You need to experiment with different types of combinations or text, images, offers, takeaways and so on. It is a media which will certainly give some result if things are done properly accordingly to audience taste. Please make a note, though it looks simple and is just NOT a piece of cake, it is not. There are a few things you need to keep in mind for social media marketing:

Hashtags – for immense reach.
Description – use it very wisely and write short content but with catchy words and content that describe more about your service, visitors benefits.
Timing – You need to play by experiment with different timing.

To make the thing a bit easier for you, you need to understand that your social media platform is you. Yes, people come over your profile and register it as you. It is the image you do want to depict to the audience.

So it becomes crucial to manage your social media content or hire a social media expert, who keeps a close check on your social media handles. It is a full-time job, that requires involvement and starting a campaign and post running campaigns the see the responses.

3. Build a website Or Enhance your website:

A website is your sales person that works 24 / 7 for your company. The new trend is, if your website is good, people assume that you are a Good and Big company. Before they talk to you about your service or product, they look at your website first, so it is a market need to have a nice website and to keep it up to date.

If you build a good website to meet the current trend requirement and can able to convert your potential buyers into permanent ones, then you are the winner. Again, reremind you, it not easy, yet achievable with a consistent plan and execution. Investment on the website is worth spending. Always look for the best website designer or digital agency, Avoid cheap web designers, because, you may save some initial investment, but you end up by getting nothing and you lose a lot in long run.

Work a little on your website, or have an expert do it for you, to increase your business’s ROI and gain credibility.

Not just this, the website helps you get a position in good books of the master – Google. Here is how the website should be:

1. SEO-centric content
2. Informative, useful content that interests
3. User-friendly website
4. A faster and secure server for faster web response.

4. Watch on Analytics:

Use analytics to know the campaign/ad/ website performance. It gives to understand how the audience accepted your content, if it is good, then reason to be proud and plan how you can give your better. If it is not good, then understand the behavior of your audience through clicks, page, time spent, bounce rate and so on.

5. Paid ad:

Content marketing, SEO all these take time atleast 4 months - 1 year to get expected results. For faster result, I advise going to start paid ads along with content marketing. Because ads pay immediately.

6. Update your content: 

On a regular basis update your content, campaigns, and ads in all the accounts. Also, keep writing blogs and change website content periodically for a better result.

7. Brand building:

Print media. flyer distribution, email marketing are different channels of marketing and they work fantastically if you combine all and market at once. This way, you can able to build brand very successfully.

8. Hire content marketing expert for consultation or a local marketing agency:

All the above points are achievable but require a huge amount of time, and concentration. Being an owner of a company if you feel that I have many other things to do to run a business up and running, then better outsource the project.


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