Flyer design , print and distributions

Flyer distribution has great degree of success if done well. It is a means to attract the audience with your attractive offers or product features or discounts or coupons. Flyer distribution campaign can give yield great result when supported by social media marketing, PPC, Blog or press release, TV and Radio channels.

Flyer distribution consist of the following 3 major tasks,

1. Flyer design: Design the flyer with attractive yet short content with details of your offer. Web Vertical Domains can achieve this with the help of our expert graphic designer, attractive images and a copywriter.
2. Quality printing: We use high quality papers, and high end 4 color printer machine with UV coat to print an attractive flyer for your campaign.
3. Distribution: Distribution is the toughest and tedious past of flyer design and distribution campaign, it require reliable team of distributors. We use Canada Post and local distributors for distribution.

How much Flyer designing and printing costs?

We charge $300 / 5000 flyers, $900 / 25000 flyers, for designing and printing.

How much do you charge for distribution?

If you want us to use local distributions then we charge 8 cent / flyer, 19 / Canada post.

How many days required for complete campaign?
Usually it require 10-15 days to complete design, take approval for design, print and distribute flyers.

How do you do for a condominium?

We use Canada post because, only they have access to post boxes.


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